Friday, 30 November 2012

etsy + owl love

Ever since yesterday I've been feeling a little "owly" and today I found the cutest owly shop ever - wassupbrothers. She sells art handmade owls and other soft creatures which are so so SO adorable. And the prices are reasonable since they're all handmade little toys.
One of my favorite little owl is this one:

Adorable isn't she? Yeah I guess she's a girl hehe. It takes $49.23 AUD to bring her home.
There's also a cool item called, Owl Mystery Bag Grab Bag, which costs only $24.62 AUD. These are examples of items that could be included.

I'm wishing to get one of these for Christmas :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

it must be nice to be a bird giveaway!

I just entered Madeleine's giveaway!! She's giving her very own "gift card", and actually a voucher for one item in her store. I've looked it up. She's got some really cute handmade things there. Here are some of my favorites.

So cute right? You can enter the giveaway here. Hurry! She will choose the winner on December 1.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CD review: RED

*Obviously I'm not some professional CD reviewer, just giving my own opinions here.
I've listened to this album for too many times already and there're (so many) songs I hated at first but eventually in love with... so I guess these are fair opinions.

State of Grace
I still remember listening to the preview. It reminded me of Coldplay somehow. And when it was officially released, I only listened to it a couple of times. But now... JUST PERFECT! The cantus, the beat, the lyrics... simply amazing.

Laugh or not, I disliked this song when it first came out. But then I memorized the lyrics the quickest after We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. The metaphor is perfectly fine!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I found my herbarium from 2008

It still looks great though 4 years has past by. *This is a filtered Instagram photo.

Getting inspired

I got one of my least favorite issues of Dolly magazine and cut out random pieces with bare hands instead of scissors coz I thought it'd turn out more vintage. The pieces include some text from the magazine. I highlighted some words so it didn't look too boring. I wish to use newspaper instead coz it'd look old but there ain't any English ones at home. The little butterfly was cut from a random advertisement. All these were put on an old envelope with glue and tapes.

You can also see the striped line on the left. It was inspired by those on postcards or international air mails. The pic on the top left was some party balloons. And the one on the top right was the Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" ad. Notice the little flag? I made it with stickers which I bought earlier this year on Taobao and a toothpick.
I really like how it has turned out. This was inspired by Wreckthisgirl. Not as pretty but when I uploaded it to Instagram, she commented,

Anyway, this was indeed really fun! =)