Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CD review: RED

*Obviously I'm not some professional CD reviewer, just giving my own opinions here.
I've listened to this album for too many times already and there're (so many) songs I hated at first but eventually in love with... so I guess these are fair opinions.

State of Grace
I still remember listening to the preview. It reminded me of Coldplay somehow. And when it was officially released, I only listened to it a couple of times. But now... JUST PERFECT! The cantus, the beat, the lyrics... simply amazing.

Laugh or not, I disliked this song when it first came out. But then I memorized the lyrics the quickest after We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. The metaphor is perfectly fine!

Love the melody of this song, not my favorite but I'd give it five stars.

I Knew You Were Trouble
Trust me, I hated this song so much. I wouldn't even try listen to it the second time (I don't think I even finished listening to it the first time). But then after Taylor's live performance, it has totally grown on me! Her voice is so perf in this song and no doubt about the beat. Love it.

All Too Well
Here comes my favorite. The lyrics are so meaningful and you can see from the booklet that there're almost no repeated lyrics (except "I remember it all too well" of course). The emotion in Taylor's voice makes me want to cry. Such an emotional and lyrical song. "it's just sad, beautiful and tragic"

Love love love this song!! A party-must-have song!!! I just really want to dance with my friends while listening to this, because with the beat you just want to party and have fun. "we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time" favorite line!

I Almost Do
Most related song EVER! But I dislike that Taylor keeps on the "dooooooo" part.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
I don't love this song as much as how others do but this is truly a catchy song. Oh oh don't get me wrong I love this song!

Stay Stay Stay
Taylor's voice is so cute and makes this song extremely adorable. Hate her laugh in the end though lol.

The Last Time
A four-star song to me. Gary's voice is so flawless but I don't think they make a perf duet.

Holy Ground
I actually really hated this song, probably because of the kinda weird melody at the beginning of the song. But after I listened to the whole song, I started to love it!

Sad Beautiful Tragic
Well, surely this title can describe the album but ugh this song is just like Dear John - long and boring. The lyrics are repeated too much and I hate that.

The Lucky One
Her voice in this song omg just so flawless! I didn't expect myself to love this one that much. And the lyrics are the best, seriously... THE BEST!

Everything Has Changed
Okay I need to calm down first but this song is just so perf!! Ed's voice like, just, can he not has such a flawless voice? Their vocal together just pure bliss!

I love how she wrote this for Ethel Kennedy and I just want to dance with it!!

Begin Again
WAS my favorite song on the album. I fell in love with it from the very first moment but not very much right now. Still a really good song though.

**Deluxe Version Extras:
The Moment I Knew
I see that lots of people dislike this song and I don't understand why because I LOVE it! The chorus is kind of sad and emotional which makes me sob. I always have it on replay.

Come Back... Be Here
Anyone else realize the way she sweep the guitar in this song is similar to how she does in Back to December? Yeah! Perfect song to listen to but I've gotta say it's a bit like "If This Was A Movie".

Girl At Home
The lyrics are so confusing or was it just me? And why the tone of her voice is so gleeful coz she almost took a person away from a currently-happening-relationship! Okay I just don't understand, this s just confusing...

five-star album YAY!! two years of waiting and Taylor has not disappointed me!

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