Saturday, 23 February 2013

Life as Daisy

So many things going on at school right now! Today I finally finished my Science research assignment - took me ages. To relax a little, I let out my inner creativity :) Here are the results.

Inspired by Marc Jacobs' perfume, 'Daisy'

I painted this cover red a few months ago and found it boring ever since... so I redecorated it with some magazine cut-outs

I would really like to know what you guys think of them :) 

Friday, 8 February 2013


Yesterday, surprisingly but not so unexpectedly, I received a gorgeous handmade Alice in Wonderland postcard from Rin at paperedthoughts. On the front is a a picture from the cartoon, with a quote from the original book below, "But it wasn't easy for a girl who was filled with imagination and curiosity to listen to dull history lessons". On the back is a quote from Tyler Knott Gregson, handwritten by Rin. Such beautiful words and penmanship, aren't they?

"Salvation lies in the strangest of place and finds us at the strangest times. Bravery is knowing that it is ok to hurt wen we accept the salvation placed before us, its ok to be afraid and it is ok to tremble. Do not fear the fall when it is the leaping that will set you free."

And today I went to Alexander the Great exhibition at Australian Museum with school. So many treasures displayed in there! It was such a wonderful experience. I've always loved visiting museum, not to mention those special exhibits. There's just so much to learn about.

Also this evening, I'll have a kind of big dinner with my family and their workmates to celebrate Chinese New Year. Hope I'll get red pockets ;)

**Check out my Stationary Addicts Anonymous participation post at paperlovestory.

Friday, 1 February 2013

January overview and today's buys

Hellooo guys! Sorry for not posting because school starts and eeeeez busy. But I finally manage some time to share pieces in my life these days.

Firstly a couple of January stuff. An amazing bowl of soup my mother made. There were pickles, beefs and mushrooms in it. Tasted sooooo good! Yeah, my mother is such a good cook.

Secondly, my 2013 good things jar! Not as pretty as those I've seen and I'd rather call it a small bottle hehe. It's actually recycled from the pickles bottle yeah! I'm being green :) I've put quite a few 'good things happened in 2013' notes in it, such as 'getting an iPhone5', signing up for tennis lessons and receiving snail mails from a friend in China!

Good things jar

Mails from my friend, Jessy

And then there's today where I got all the stuff I ordered online - yipeee!

Lovely mini notebook

Old keys

Black gel pens - lovely patterns aren't they?

Pastel colors masking tapes, expression stickers for journaling & round stickers for sealing envelopes

How about you guys? Did you guys buy any lovely things lately? xx