Friday, 8 February 2013


Yesterday, surprisingly but not so unexpectedly, I received a gorgeous handmade Alice in Wonderland postcard from Rin at paperedthoughts. On the front is a a picture from the cartoon, with a quote from the original book below, "But it wasn't easy for a girl who was filled with imagination and curiosity to listen to dull history lessons". On the back is a quote from Tyler Knott Gregson, handwritten by Rin. Such beautiful words and penmanship, aren't they?

"Salvation lies in the strangest of place and finds us at the strangest times. Bravery is knowing that it is ok to hurt wen we accept the salvation placed before us, its ok to be afraid and it is ok to tremble. Do not fear the fall when it is the leaping that will set you free."

And today I went to Alexander the Great exhibition at Australian Museum with school. So many treasures displayed in there! It was such a wonderful experience. I've always loved visiting museum, not to mention those special exhibits. There's just so much to learn about.

Also this evening, I'll have a kind of big dinner with my family and their workmates to celebrate Chinese New Year. Hope I'll get red pockets ;)

**Check out my Stationary Addicts Anonymous participation post at paperlovestory.


  1. Oh my gosh it's beutiful! She should sell them! xx


    1. I know! She sells some mail arts in her etsy shop. You can find the link on her blog :)

  2. wow what a lovely surprise ha? :)
    it's wonderful !

    1. Haha actually she was asking on Instagram if anyone would like to receive them...but still a great surprise <3


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