Friday, 1 February 2013

January overview and today's buys

Hellooo guys! Sorry for not posting because school starts and eeeeez busy. But I finally manage some time to share pieces in my life these days.

Firstly a couple of January stuff. An amazing bowl of soup my mother made. There were pickles, beefs and mushrooms in it. Tasted sooooo good! Yeah, my mother is such a good cook.

Secondly, my 2013 good things jar! Not as pretty as those I've seen and I'd rather call it a small bottle hehe. It's actually recycled from the pickles bottle yeah! I'm being green :) I've put quite a few 'good things happened in 2013' notes in it, such as 'getting an iPhone5', signing up for tennis lessons and receiving snail mails from a friend in China!

Good things jar

Mails from my friend, Jessy

And then there's today where I got all the stuff I ordered online - yipeee!

Lovely mini notebook

Old keys

Black gel pens - lovely patterns aren't they?

Pastel colors masking tapes, expression stickers for journaling & round stickers for sealing envelopes

How about you guys? Did you guys buy any lovely things lately? xx


  1. so many lovely things, yay im impressed <3

  2. I have a great things jar too! But there's not much in it at the moment :P I love love love those gorgeous keys and the tape is really cute :)

    1. I almost put one in it every day! Just try to find the simplest happiness in your daily life, such as "the bus came as soon as I reached the bus stop" or "received a lovely comment from xxx on my blog today" :)
      And yay thanks, glad you like them too!

  3. Love the jar idea! Maybe February is not too late to start one for this year.
    Your blog is adorable :) I'll be visiting again soon for certain. :)

    1. Yes dear, it's never too late to record all these little happy moments!
      Aw thank you so much :3 you're welcome anytime!

  4. Where did you get the notebooks and the little keys?! They're lovely! I had seen them in an online shop but they were out of stock after a while...
    You're blog is so sweet! :)

    1. I got them from Taobao, a Chinese kind of EBay site. Try search "vintage keys" and "floral notebooks". And thank you so much :]


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