Friday, 28 December 2012

pretty web finds

Hello lovelies! I thought I should share some pretty stuff I discover in stores or on pinterest lately, so here they are.

And more on my pinboards :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mini postcards

I was actually taking this picture in order to put it up on etsy to sell these mini postcards until I later found out it would cost listing fees and I don't want to take risks. These cards are not new products but are 99% new I promise. The picture above only shows part of them. If anyone would like to purchase, please contact me and we'll work out about the payments.

Contact via Email:

Saturday, 8 December 2012

life lately

Interesting how I've never taken the bus ride here in Sydney but today I finally did it! (shall I cross it out from my bucket list? lol) 
It's funny how the bus literally stopped every... like 200m, but only when people push the red button where it says "STOP" and the bus driver would know someone want to get off at the next stop and he'll stop the bus. The bus went by many interesting shops.

And about what I was doing the morning... I went to watch The Perks of Being A Wallflower!! I sobbed so hard during the movie - this movie is just BRILLIANT AND SERIOUSLY THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR! LOVE IT! As amazing as the book, which I read earlier this year. Favorite line: We accept the love we think we deserve. And Ezra did such an AMAZING job playing Patrick!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sweet walk

Let me go straight to the point. This morning, I walked 4 kilometers, for 1.5 hours, to buy stamps... and didn't manage to do so, coz I was being too honest to tell them I had a tea bag included in the envelope. Then they asked me to fill out a form and turned out I needed to show them my ID card... for god's sake. Okay but the walk was really nice and I took some nice pictures to share with you guys.

Monday, 3 December 2012

small pieces

+ This collection of photos of "bike views" are making me want to learn how to bike again. I learned when I was 8 but have fears for it now. However this blog posts shows me the joy of biking.

+Coloring coding keys with nail polish seems like a fun thing to do.
+Fiverr. It all costs just 5 dollars but may bring the greatest joy, for example, "I will draw you as a Simpson cartoon for $5".
+The loveliest post, Lauren from Glossary typed out 101 things she likes, including "pulling on fluffy socks when your feet are freezing" & "ribbons and bows and pink nail polish".

school and ideas

I went to St. Scholastica College again this morning to do some assessments on my English abilities. According to the English teacher, Ms.Acton, I did "really really well".

Well, happy enough to explore different sites this afternoon...see what I have found.

idea // make a time capsule 

this entire shop
They've got some really cute journal cards, tags, stickers, cut outs and stamps. Really cheap and since they're all paper bits, I believe the shipping price won't be too high.
going to list this on my birthday this month
this lovely blog full of ideas (favorite blog at the moment)

this shop (from NZ,ugh finally,the best)

Also I discovered this site, listography and I'm so excited to start listing, both on this sites and on my journal. Inspiration here if needed.
I dug out my printed Keri Smith 100 ideas again. I'll take it as a challenge and try to complete at least one a week. Will make another post later.

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hello lovelies! How have your weekends been? I've been reading City of Ashes throughout the two days, but nothing more pleasant than a Sunday night, exploring Pinterest and finding inspiration. These are the beautiful colors that caught my eyes.

lovely clutches in this etsy shop

umbrella sky // source

uppercase magazine

Happy Sunday night!! x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

shopping spree + inspiration saturday

Pouring rain this morning but it has been a lovely sunny day. Dad drove Mum and I to Westfield Bondi Junction store. There was a huge sale there since I guess we've entered December, Xmas month! I did a tiny shopping spree at Typo, the stationary store. This is a picture of what I've purchased.

I also bought a Eiffel Tower stamp with a black stamp pad. These cost like $37 AUD in all. I especially love the journals, which was buy one get one free. I got a green and a purple. Probably will use them next year as a... journal, yeah. And... I didn't expect to find these tapes in the store!! Ohmygod I'm so obsessed with them already.

And taking this opportunity, I'm sharing a pic that's been inspiring me a lot lately. It's from Ziedarling (one of her old posts I know, but have been stalking her recently).

She doodled out the calendar on white paper and sticked them onto her lined journal with washi tape. Turned out adorable didn't it? Then here are my ideas inspired by it. Not necessary to buy a "2013 diary" but simply a lined journal where we can form our own templates in it. For example, doodling out calendars in our very own styles, or printing out to-do lists to glue on the journal. Plus some decorations like stickers and tapes... it'd be even better than some expensive diaries! I think I will do something like this to my Typo journal in 2013.

Enjoy your weekends! x