Monday, 28 January 2013

Last day of holidays | Bags love

Eeeeeps. So today is the last day of holidays and school tomorrow! I saw from the weather report that there'll be storm - really bad luck for me right? Putting an umbrella in our school's backpack is really tough because the schoolbag is quite small. I feel so nervous yet excited for tomorrow though.

Anyway today I spent my day at home exploring Pinterest and stuff. My mother went shopping in City. I've always wanted a small backpack for shopping or travel and she knew that. So when she saw a large variety of this kind of bags in Equip, she immediately messaged me on WeChat, sending the pictures to me and asking which one I liked. The ones above were my favorites and I had a hard time choosing. But finally, I actually chose one I didn't really like moments ago. There're lots of colorful little flowers on it and I adore it even more when my mother brought it home! Yay :D

And I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking orange juice, eating Smiths chips while watching The Vampire Diaries.

Anyone like me who's going to start their school very soon, or even right away tomorrow? I hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Book worm masterpost

When I was studying in China, I rarely had time reading the books I love. Usually just the school textbooks. And I wasn't very much interested in Chinese publications or any authors in my own country. I guess I only have a thing for English novels, especially Young Adult genre. I'm just so delighted to have this long holiday here in Sydney to spend time with myself. I've read 12 books since I got here in late November. Too lame to admit, I love reading. So I thought I'd put up all my reviews together in the post. They were all originally posted on my Goodreads. But most of them are just thoughts and opinions. There aren't really any proper reviews. Some may contain spoilers.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
My heart shattered into a million pieces reading this book. Predictable but very touching. I cried like a baby. I recommended it to two of my friends and gladly they read it and felt the same way (one of them used all her tissues at home). Trust me, even if you predicted or got spoiled what probably was gonna happen, you'd still have your heart broken.

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
The "now"s and "then"s format was not in my favors at first but now I definitely would say it's one of the best things in this book.It was a pleasant read. My mood went up and down during it and sometimes screaming. And once again I have to mention Lauren’s beautiful writing! What startled me was that, Lena actually believed Alex was dead and she just buried him inside her and never even bothered to question it. She did not even once asked about him, maybe when the others were going across for supplies they could get what exactly happened to him. And the ending ASDFHJGFGJJ SCREAMING THIS IS LITERALLY TORTURE.
 I’m very looking forward to the next book which will be the last one and I would very much like to find out about Lena’s mother… oh and Alex, who clearly has changed ;) But I hope the storyline won't be like, Lena doesn't like the new Alex, who acts like he doesn't love her anymore and she ends up with Julian. Just NO.

Looking for Alaska by John Green
I was not even half way through the book when I just dropped it and never wanted to pick it up again. College kids hanging around, getting drunk and doing smoking is not really my thing until yesterday I really had nothing to read (or to do) so I grabbed it from the shelf and continued from where I had left. And then, (I'm not sure if it's that my taste has changed during these months) I couldn't put it down!
So I really love these characters in the book. Miles or Pudge is obsessed with famous last words which is quite an interesting hobby. And yes you can read a lot of beautiful last words in the book. Alaska...oh how I love this mysterious girl. Everything about her is just so cool. She has a life number of books and quote beautiful words. She also makes amazing pranks. And she smokes(I adore fictional female characters who smoke). Oh do I even have to start with how she got this damn cool name? Though after I've finished this whole book, I find that Alaska's life is pretty sad. She believes that she screws everything up and her life is just full of mistakes. And I love The Colonel. He's such an amazing friend and his "best day ever" story really touched me. It's probably the best "best day" story I've ever heard of.
Lots of Miles' words (or I mean John's) are really moving. There were quite a few times I just closed my book and thought about these lines.This really has been an amazing book. I also laughed pretty hard. Literally, John Green is a genius.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
I see that many of the reviews here saying the ending is bullshit or whatever. But I find Savannah watching the full moon after all that has happened very touching. John knew what Savannah wanted and he respected her choice. This is love - to make the one you love happy. Those heartbreaking parts about his father though.Anyway I was totally touched.

So what about you guys? I believe all human beings on Earth love reading. What are you currently reading? For me, I'm still in the middle of Matched by Ally Condie. And what are your all-time favorite books? Do you write reviews? It'd be lovely if you could link me to your review of your favorite books. Hope they don't contain spoilers ;)

Lastly a fact, today marks the 200th anniversary of the first published copy of Pride and Prejudice, which is my all-time favorite classic =)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia Day | shopping

Happy Australia Day everyone!
I had a pleasant day at China Town today. 
The first pic above is a bus from Sydney Bus Museum driving in the street! There were lots of them. Different colors but all vintage. The second pic is from REVIEW OUTLET. They have seriously the best formal dresses. Third one is a poster outside TYPO. Lovely design, isn't it? And the last one was my lunch, noodles! Very delicious.
My pretty incomes are a Britain flag tank at Jayjays and a Cath Kidston print iPhone5 case at the market.

I'm very obsessed with floral prints lately. And for the record, I don't think this is the real labeel coz it only cost me 10 bucks. I love it though.
By the way, I purchased an app called Vscocam few days earlier and I'm so addicted to it! All these photos were edited by using this app. I recommend it to anyone who likes their pics to be vintage and lovely.

Lastly a drink from Easyway. There were even puddings in them.

I'm really glad that I spent this day out instead of tweeting and tumblr blogging. Taking pictures while shopping was great joy, so was putting them all together. I think I almost forgot to enjoy life and actually take pictures of what's happening instead of making out something pretty.

So how did you spend your Australia Day, Aussies? Or, how do you guys usually spend National Day in your country? :)