Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia Day | shopping

Happy Australia Day everyone!
I had a pleasant day at China Town today. 
The first pic above is a bus from Sydney Bus Museum driving in the street! There were lots of them. Different colors but all vintage. The second pic is from REVIEW OUTLET. They have seriously the best formal dresses. Third one is a poster outside TYPO. Lovely design, isn't it? And the last one was my lunch, noodles! Very delicious.
My pretty incomes are a Britain flag tank at Jayjays and a Cath Kidston print iPhone5 case at the market.

I'm very obsessed with floral prints lately. And for the record, I don't think this is the real labeel coz it only cost me 10 bucks. I love it though.
By the way, I purchased an app called Vscocam few days earlier and I'm so addicted to it! All these photos were edited by using this app. I recommend it to anyone who likes their pics to be vintage and lovely.

Lastly a drink from Easyway. There were even puddings in them.

I'm really glad that I spent this day out instead of tweeting and tumblr blogging. Taking pictures while shopping was great joy, so was putting them all together. I think I almost forgot to enjoy life and actually take pictures of what's happening instead of making out something pretty.

So how did you spend your Australia Day, Aussies? Or, how do you guys usually spend National Day in your country? :)

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