Monday, 3 December 2012

school and ideas

I went to St. Scholastica College again this morning to do some assessments on my English abilities. According to the English teacher, Ms.Acton, I did "really really well".

Well, happy enough to explore different sites this afternoon...see what I have found.

idea // make a time capsule 

this entire shop
They've got some really cute journal cards, tags, stickers, cut outs and stamps. Really cheap and since they're all paper bits, I believe the shipping price won't be too high.
going to list this on my birthday this month
this lovely blog full of ideas (favorite blog at the moment)

this shop (from NZ,ugh finally,the best)

Also I discovered this site, listography and I'm so excited to start listing, both on this sites and on my journal. Inspiration here if needed.
I dug out my printed Keri Smith 100 ideas again. I'll take it as a challenge and try to complete at least one a week. Will make another post later.

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