Saturday, 1 December 2012

shopping spree + inspiration saturday

Pouring rain this morning but it has been a lovely sunny day. Dad drove Mum and I to Westfield Bondi Junction store. There was a huge sale there since I guess we've entered December, Xmas month! I did a tiny shopping spree at Typo, the stationary store. This is a picture of what I've purchased.

I also bought a Eiffel Tower stamp with a black stamp pad. These cost like $37 AUD in all. I especially love the journals, which was buy one get one free. I got a green and a purple. Probably will use them next year as a... journal, yeah. And... I didn't expect to find these tapes in the store!! Ohmygod I'm so obsessed with them already.

And taking this opportunity, I'm sharing a pic that's been inspiring me a lot lately. It's from Ziedarling (one of her old posts I know, but have been stalking her recently).

She doodled out the calendar on white paper and sticked them onto her lined journal with washi tape. Turned out adorable didn't it? Then here are my ideas inspired by it. Not necessary to buy a "2013 diary" but simply a lined journal where we can form our own templates in it. For example, doodling out calendars in our very own styles, or printing out to-do lists to glue on the journal. Plus some decorations like stickers and tapes... it'd be even better than some expensive diaries! I think I will do something like this to my Typo journal in 2013.

Enjoy your weekends! x

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