Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Getting inspired

I got one of my least favorite issues of Dolly magazine and cut out random pieces with bare hands instead of scissors coz I thought it'd turn out more vintage. The pieces include some text from the magazine. I highlighted some words so it didn't look too boring. I wish to use newspaper instead coz it'd look old but there ain't any English ones at home. The little butterfly was cut from a random advertisement. All these were put on an old envelope with glue and tapes.

You can also see the striped line on the left. It was inspired by those on postcards or international air mails. The pic on the top left was some party balloons. And the one on the top right was the Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" ad. Notice the little flag? I made it with stickers which I bought earlier this year on Taobao and a toothpick.
I really like how it has turned out. This was inspired by Wreckthisgirl. Not as pretty but when I uploaded it to Instagram, she commented,

Anyway, this was indeed really fun! =)

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