Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring style

Yeah guys, I know it is ridiculous how I'm posting a spring style inspiration post while autumn is in the corner in Australia. But who doesn't adore looking at pastel colors?
These pretty things are all found at Wanelo, feel free to follow me here. It is such a great site to gather your wishlists. The only bad thing is that, usually when I click "buy" to the original website, the item is already sold out. But doesn't hurt just to look at them right?
If you have an account which you'd like me to browse, just leave a comment with your username :)

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  1. These are all so pretty, I love pastels in the summer! My favs are those sunnies and the flower crown, perfect for summer :D We're still waiting for the warm to arrive, it's Easter and there's still snow about! Crazy.

    1. Thank you Georgina. My favorite is probably the flower crown too :)
      Wow that's pretty cool. It never snows in my city so I hope you realize how lucky you are haha. I hope spring will come to you soon x


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